National Agency of Information Society (NAIS) – Albania

The National Agency on Information Society (NAIS) was established in 2007 as a government entity. It is the core institution in Albania in terms of digitalization of government and state services provided to citizens, businesses and public administration employees in Albania. The agency implements and coordinates policies, programs and strategies for the development of the information society sector and in particular the ICT. It represents the state owner that administers electronic systems, hardware and software infrastructures. NAIS is responsible for the establishment and management of ICT systems and solutions, implementation of e-services in the governmental portal, implementation of electronic seal and signature, management of the National e-Gov Datacentre and the Government Interoperability Platform, design of the Digital Agenda, etc. It is responsible for transforming the operation of the Government institutions through the introduction and usage of innovative ICT tools and contributing to the education and promotion of ICT use by the public.