The project results in the creation of a long-term cooperation structure and capacity building measures for promoting the greening of digital investments. This is primarily achieved through the establishment of the Barometer as a Permanent monitoring mechanism. The parallel establishment of the Green Certificate results in concrete environment benefits (measurable energy efficiency gains) thorough the provision of incentives to public bodies, infrastructure manufacturers and private enterprises for a green-innovation economy.

The Program recognizes the need for a balanced development, where amongst others environmental protection, resources’ efficiency and economic growth will be sought in parallel. Digital transformation as a main driver of economic development for the modern economy is seen under the lens of environmental protection.

On the level of institutional capacity building and culture, the project results in the creation of a ‘twin transition’ culture supported by the necessary skills and in fostering for innovative environmental management approaches. As acknowledged by the program, the public sector, is necessary to better anticipate and manage adjustments and challenges towards transition to a greener economy. Dealing with sustainable resources’ management and monitoring EU environmental targets require skills aligned with the latest scientific knowledge and the applicable legal and policy framework.  The academic program, green-digital certificate and competency framework and best practice tools established by the project contribute towards that aim.